Villa Steel

Production Processes

What is Villa Steel?

Villa Çelik is a type of building material that stands out with its durability and aesthetic appearance. These steel structure systems used in the construction of buildings are known for their environmental friendliness, longevity and energy efficiency. They offer a faster and more effective solution than traditional construction techniques.

What are the advantages of steel villas and houses?

Steel villas and houses have many advantages. First, they offer a fast construction process because the steel parts are pre-manufactured at the factory and then assembled on site. This saves time and cost. In addition, steel houses are extremely resistant to earthquakes, snow loads and natural disasters such as wind. In terms of energy efficiency, steel houses are generally well insulated and prevent heat loss.

How is the durability of steel structures?

Steel structures are extremely resistant to earthquakes, weather events and environmental conditions. Since steel is a strong and flexible material, it ensures that your structures are long-lasting and durable. Therefore, steel structures can be used safely even in earthquake zones.

How does the Villa Çelik production process begin?

Villa Çelik production process starts with a detailed projecting process in line with the demands and needs of the customer. The type of steel house or villa desired by the customer, the materials to be used and the mechanical details are projected. This project design process meets both aesthetic and functional expectations and ensures the durability and safety of the residence.

What materials are used in the production process?

In the production process of Villa Çelik, A1 class quality and durable steel materials are used. These materials ensure the longevity of the structures and increase their durability. In addition, all materials used for steel houses and villas are under TSE guarantee.

How long does the Villa Çelik production process take?

Villa Çelik production process varies depending on the characteristics and size of the project. However, in general, the steel house and villa production process is completed in approximately 3-6 months from design to construction.

What stages are included in the Villa Çelik production process?

Villa Steel production process usually includes the following stages: Project design, material selection and procurement, steel frame construction, frame assembly, exterior and roofing, interior arrangement and final checks. Each stage meets the aesthetic and functional expectations of the residence, while ensuring its durability and safety.

What are the standards of steel houses and villas produced by Villa Çelik?

Steel houses and villas produced by Villa Çelik are produced according to high quality standards. Buildings are designed and built in accordance with regulations, taking into account snow, wind and earthquake loads.

What to do in case of a problem encountered in the production process?

All kinds of problems encountered in the production process of Villa Çelik are solved quickly and effectively by our professional team. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we provide assurance to our customers at every stage. In case of any problem, we stay in touch with our customers and offer the most appropriate solution.