Turnkey Project

Turnkey Project

Our turnkey projects, where we carry out all the processes for you from the design to the final stage of the construction, enable the creation of high quality light steel structures. At every step of this process, we act in line with your demands and expectations, and aim to achieve the best results with solution-oriented approaches.


First of all, we consider your wishes and expectations during the design of villas, houses or other steel structures. In this process, we design the most suitable structure by considering the climate and local conditions of the region.


Steel constructions, produced precisely with computer-controlled machines, consist of components such as wall panels, roof panels and load-bearing columns. These parts are combined with a rivet or bolt system and shipped to the construction site.


Our experienced and experienced personnel assemble the panels and main carrier systems, which are ready for assembly in the factory, in a short time. This process, using smart screws or bolts, ensures the formation of the steel skeleton.

Fine Works

The building exterior and interior cladding, electrical and plumbing works, insulation, paint and other fine operations are completed. The materials used in this process are determined during the order and the ones suitable for the climatic conditions are selected.


Finally, after the finishing works are completed, details such as doors, windows, parquet and sanitary ware are completed and the building is handed over in accordance with the technical specifications. In this way, you will have a structure that is completely suitable for your wishes and needs.

You can contact us for more information about our turnkey projects. We look forward to working with you on your special projects.