Mild Steel Remodeling & Repair

Light steel structures offer solutions suitable for different possibilities thanks to their durability and flexibility. These structures may require modification and repair in line with changing needs.

Coating: Materials such as gypsum board, magnesium, betopan, OSB and membrane are generally used in exterior and interior wall panel coverings of steel structures, flooring, roof and wet areas. These materials provide durability and aesthetic appearance.

Insulation: Selection of insulation material for steel structures is an important step. Industrial insulation materials such as drywall sheets, rock wool, glass wool, membranes, EPS are used. These materials meet fire, acoustic and thermal insulation requirements.

Floor: Mezzanine floors usually consist of beams or a flat cassette system. The flooring is made with covering material or a combination of light concrete and trapezoidal sheet.

Foundation: The low weight of light steel buildings allows for a smaller volume of foundation to be built. Foundation design should be done as in all other types of construction.

Strength and Durability: Steel is a material with proven durability. During the design phase, the steel panels are subjected to structural analysis and provide the necessary strength against applied pressure, tensile forces and bending moments.

Air Tightness and Condensation Control: Air tightness is ensured by the selection of suitable construction materials and the application of solid construction details. In addition, suitable membranes and construction/ventilation details should be used to prevent condensation.

Service Holes: The service holes required for the installation of the plumbing and electrical installations can be drilled in diameters determined by various hydraulic stations.

These factors play an important role in the renovation and repair processes of light steel structures and require a professional approach to successfully carry out these processes.